Monday, December 1, 2014

New Blog Format

Dear Friends,

I'm breaking up with WordPress. I've been with them for about a year now and I've decided I'd like to find another blog platform to use. Blogger seems like an obvious place to start, and I think I could actually get used to it. I'll be transferring all of my material from WordPress to Blogger over the next week or so, and I think that the way the new template I've chosen is will let me tell the stories more like I intended to tell them.

My background image is the Robert Dampier portrait of Nahienaena, which is fitting for the theme that I've chosen for the stories overall. The theme that I've chosen isn't Hawaii. Hawaii is just the place I like to go in my mind when I think about things that are bigger than countries and languages and problems that we might have as groups of people affiliated with this-or-the-other thing.

I've got many more stories yet to write, and I know who will be in them and generally what they might do, but something I think I might like to do is to take requests for stories. If you think that there is something that I'm not telling that you'd like to hear, let me know and if I can accomodate that, I will. I like challenges. They're fun.



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